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Land1401 FounderHead Dev posted 20 hours ago

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A New Beginning

Land1401 FounderHead Dev posted Nov 22, 17


Around a year ago, Pennox founded IlvermoreMC. Since then, we've grown a lot, but we've also died a lot.

Ilvermore has become a home for a lot of users. I can honestly say I've met a lot of awesome people here.

Around a week ago, we decided to close Ilvermore. We closed because of hosting and staff motivation.

We couldn't get a lot of motivated staff and our expenses were a tad bit high.

We're going to give it another shot. I apologize for going back on my word, but I think it's the best for us.

Although, we're not going back the same as we started off.

Ilvermore is going to come back under the kind hosting of Digital Penquin.

Digital Penquin is a network owned by a small group of people featuring servers like DPHogwarts.

Thank you for understanding.

Q & A

I'm anticipating a few questions regarding these changes. Here are some answers.

Q: What will happen to current + retired staff?

A: We will most likely dismiss all current staff, but offer possible positions to previous staff.

Q: What is Digital Penquin's role in all of this?

A: They host our server. We'll be in touch with their administration too. Nothing direct.

Q: Will DPHogwarts and Ilvermore do anything together? They're both magic servers!

A: We have nothing planned, but a collaboration would be cool..

Still have questions? Contact me on Discord - AthenaDev#9321

xxXperteXxx Thats a sad message. I think the many quests and the area around the school were the best of the server. Another great t...
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